This blog has suffered a lot because the writer suffers from an illness called boredom sooner than most people in this whole wide world. It started off as a random post blog which soon became a love oriented blog when the author fell in love for the first time way back in 2006-07.

Meanwhile the love for writing comes in my genes which I always tried to ignore and counter as and when people around me mentioned it. But finally I have accepted the fact that maybe all these years I have been trying to falsify.

During my time spent at IIM, I realized that the biggest friend an author can have is pristine beauty. Shillong, a small hilly town locked among the far east Indian Himalayas was my home for around 21 months as I finished my MBA. It was there that the urge to write grew and so did the presence of a few admirers who always boosted my ego and made me all excited about writing more.

I have had a very weird life and there has been always been extremes. By now that I have crossed 25 years of my life, I feel that I am used to it and maybe cannot live unless I walk on the edge.

Those who know me well, know that either I would be too happy and chirpy or too sad and wasted. My emotional surges are also ruled by the fact that I am a part Cancerian (though some close friends say I am a complete one).

To many of the people who know me, I have everything in life, but to me I am still realizing the fact that I have nothing with me besides printed papers framed on walls and some printed and fitted into my wallet. But off late I have started to believe that life is more than paper.

For those interested to know about me in the materialistic terms, my name is Abhishek Chandra Bakshi and I was born in New Delhi, India in 1985. I had my school education in Delhi and then I went to study engineering like millions of others in the rural heartland of Punjab at NIT Jalandhar. Post my graduation I somehow managed to crack CAT and despite my other plans I ended up as an MBA from IIM Shillong in 2010. Post my MBA I have been in an active search for who I am and what I wish to achieve in life. Maybe this is called a Quarter Life Crisis

Some of the posts that you will find here will illustrate my inner conflict. The war between god and evil, between the haves and the havenots. Sometimes even I dont know what has been going on. Writing provides me with momentary relief. There is always a part of me which does not accept what I write, so in case you find my posts to be weird, please come forward and criticize. Maybe you will help me see a new prospective to life.

Warning: Radioactive Content !!!

Statutory Warning : The content on this blog may appear inappropriate to some users and is highly toxic in nature. Prolonged exposure to the content may cause severe deficiency in the Medulla Oblongata of humans. The author has no responsibility for any national, organizational or personal losses that may occur to the reader after reading this blog.
The posts are chaotic in nature and reflect the moods of the author who is an eccentric person.