I Love

I intentionally inserted this page for those who dont know me.

Like anyone in this world, I too am a man of desire and wishes. I too have attachments to material objects and individuals in this world. I mention few of them here.

My Mother: Simply the most amazing lady in my life. The first lady who has been more than god for me.

My Friends: Arpan Ghosh, Aseem Gaurav Kujur, Kamal Sherawat, Ayush Saxena, Vaibhav Varshney, Dheeraj Sharma, Ajay Pal Singh, Anurag Saxena, Sourav Roy, Mansi Joshi, Krithika Dota, Pragati Kadam, Ritika Gupta, Divisha Agrawal, Esha Arora, Mithila Palla, Mohit Khemka, Gaurav Arora, Anurag Joshi, Sumit Kedia, Nikhil Mittal and a few others too.

The Mountains: I have a strange relationship with cold weather. I feel at home when I am in the mountains. I wish I could live there forever.

Jazz Music: Though not many people of my age admire the Jazz of the yesteryears. I simply love a rainy late afternoon with jazz playing in the background and my lazing away on a couch.

Warning: Radioactive Content !!!

Statutory Warning : The content on this blog may appear inappropriate to some users and is highly toxic in nature. Prolonged exposure to the content may cause severe deficiency in the Medulla Oblongata of humans. The author has no responsibility for any national, organizational or personal losses that may occur to the reader after reading this blog.
The posts are chaotic in nature and reflect the moods of the author who is an eccentric person.