Friday, February 15, 2008


Life is a complete mystery
for some who cry its all agony
for some ho smile its symphony
yet what startles me is destiny

Life is never less than a war outrage
its all about who lost what and what you made
materialism rules over the world of sage
men mere puppets dancing over a stage

Men often disagree with me
they say we have friends you see
I reply in the most humble manner
most friends dont take time in sorrow to flee

yes i agree that all of them are not same
those ho stay with in you in pain and fame
one is lucky to find such men of honour
but finding them in this orld is not an easy game

I saw few men who succeeded in life after all
for whom this life was much more than a fancy ball
but most of them i see dont make the mark
they rise a few das before their great fall

but is life none but unfair
is there no one who can challenge and make a dare
you have to fight it out whenever you can
only then will you end up with the lion's share.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

"its all about who lost what and what you made
materialism rules over the world of sage"
very true abhi.
When you write, one can guess that you have seen it all..."all" that most are blinded to.

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