Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lyf is Lyk Dat Only !!!

First of all few would say, isnt it "Life is like that only !!!!"
I know that I have been addicted to writing chatnglish and it has certainly ruined my language.

Chalo lets leave that point, yesterday was my birthday, shocked ehhh !!!! You didnt know, yeah I know, I tried all possible ways and means to keep it a secret. It has been long since I saw a cake and a party on my birthday, last time it was when Y2K bug was a rage among IT firms.

Since then time passed away and I actually forgot how a birthday should be....
There were a few small treats in the canteen at NIT and last year I had a decent meal with a few friends at IIM. That was it. If I would have been at home, mom would have made khicchhdi and I would have eaten that quitely....

I thought 21st July 2009 would also follow the same routine. But then I was wrong.
AG the upper gangetic bong who actually knew about the day was hushhhhed by yours truly.
There was one more person whose name I would not like to publish here but the matter was overall a well kept secret.

12 Midnight- One of my friends called, she wished, then another call came, previously one of my old school mates called to wish in advance. Chalo looks like nobody remembers.

1 AM - I sleep and forget that it is my birthday.

6 AM - I am awake by the ringing alarm and open my mails to see what is up. Few automated bday mails from servers on random communities, I smile and keep working.

845 AM I go for breakfast, meet a few people on the way, no one remembered. I had a sigh. Chalo the day is as expected.

9 AM - Business Law with consumer protection act and I forget everything

11 AM- I am back in the room and lie down for a small nap.

1150 AM - My actual birth time, I miss that as I am fast asleep.

1230 PM - I am awake, lets go for lunch. BP meets me on the way with SM who says itna kharaaab khana hai kee biscuit khake soja. I still move on.

1330 PM - Bad food pissed me off, AG had to sleep, so I went to the market to get me an icecream, atleast I know it is my birthday. I should celebrate. I got a cornetto and walked back to the hostel.

1430 PM - AG comes in and we have a big bakar session with SK, SKR about life,girls, food blah blah blah....

1530 - Me and AG go out in the open just to get some fresh air, his illness was subsiding and he wanted us to crash at the gym ( actually I went to the gym as he ping ponged).

1630 - Discussing World War II and the German strategic failure, times passes by....

1730 - Overcooked Breadpakoras and wierd tasting tea. We still munch on.. Afterall it was my birthday.

1830 - We are back in the room, I tried LBO while AG was on his EEEEEERPPPPPPP...

2000 - Somehow someone remembered and pinged me, it was KAP...
I thanked him and went back to work.

2100 - AG was on phone when I got up to walk back to my actual room in the barracks. A lonely walk with my ROKR playing Delhi 6.

2200 - A few people remembered and scrapped me, one of the culprit was Gayatri who posted on FB, many came to know through that post. Anyways I thought the day is almost over.

2230 - The phone rings - Mr Anderson, brace yourself. !!!!
I said what???? AG said beta ab jo tere saath hone wala hai ....uska main zimmedaar nai hoon.
There was a sudden knock, BVM, MK, KAP were at my door to escort me to the common place in the barracks. I was greeted by some 20 odd of my classmates. Some cursed me for not telling, some said sorry, some just patted my back.
There was a small but beautiful cake, coke bottles, a fork to cut the cake. And beyond everything people I spent a year with to celebrate my birthday. Yes my birthday !!!!
I lost a lot of money the day before in the stock market ( my first actual loss in 3 years), but this really brought tears to my eyes. Hands were shook, back patts were there, there were even people from the main hostel, who walked down through the busy schedules and were here to celebrate.

This was the first time at IIM S when the cake was eaten instead of being smeared... By far it was one of the best I ever had. AJ managed it all so well..... I dont know how they managed so well but afterall they were managers...thats their skill. Anyways I had few chocolate tilaks and gulps from the coke bottles. Suddenly I fellt I was not grounded, Kicks came on to me with SC running towards me from the end of the corridor to kick me....

Life is strange.... Life is beautiful....Life is like that only......

It was like after 8 years of drought came a downpour so heavy that it would be remembered for an entire lifetime.

PS - AB,MA, AG, came later scoleded me, AB kicked me bad and hugged me hard.
A while later SG called and wished me , scolding me, had I been in front of her, I would have cried like a small boy !!!!!

Then the big bear came, just beforemidnight, it was ACD - hugged me like a big brother, TC was in queue ..so he left.

12 AM - The day was over, making me nostalgic. The day was as long as the chinese wall.
But I will certainly remember it for an even longer time.

Thank you everyone !!!!
Nothing more to say -
Life is strange.... Life is beautiful....Life is like that only......


DreamCatcher said...

:) Life is beautiful.. isn't it

M glad u felt so..n u better from now start having blast every yr from now on!

celebrationsoflife said...

Nice post!
Such little things in life are the ones that make it worthwhile. Anyways Belated Happy Birthday! Have a great year ahead.
Lots of wishes and scoldings too...

Ethan said...

thx u Saahil n Mansi....
I hope lyf remains lyk dat only....


Asmyaham said...

in the pursuit of happiness... :)indeed.... rock on buddy...

Virtual Citizen said...

Dude.... believe me u as well as us deserve better treatment... We just wish that we had a chance to make it more memorable...

Anyways lets hope we can get together next year.... Will kick u even harder.... :)

Unknown said...

hi sir.. looked u really enjoyed ur bday this time.. i know its a bit late to wish but still belated happy bday sir.. :)

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