Saturday, July 25, 2009

When I See You !!!

Everytime I see your pretty face
I wish I could never let you leave my embrace
Everytime I see you flash a smile
I realize the one thing in the world for which I could die

Everytime you touch your dark mahagony hair
I dream of moving my fingers in them with flair
Everytime I see you blush and glowing red
I wish I could peck those cheeks till I am dead

Everytime I see you in joy and your eyes sparkle
There is an inner jiggle in my heart that makes me tingle
Everytime I see you dance so grand
I wish that time would stand still and I would forever hold your hand

Today as each moment passes by
I am sad that you will never realize that YOU are my reaon to live and die

Dedicated to the women of my dreams !!!

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