Thursday, August 13, 2009

No Sense at All - MBA !!!

I have no idea what to say today
I have been running in a rat race, a crazy fray
With my senses not in place in the middle of the night
I continue the race while my mind is at play

Life is such a big circle to go around
It’s a maze, where we play the game of lost and found
I am too lazy and dumb to find my way
Looks like I am going round and round

Time takes toll on all playing the game
Some even die in this mad race for fame
It is like an open lion in the great colosseum
Too difficult to escape but nearly impossible to tame

I survived 14 months in this golden cage
Few more and I am sure to become a sage
But well it is one hell of an experience
Living a dead man’s life and turning a burnt book’s page

I wish to draw attention to those who seek the way inside
Life in the open is much better like a free ride
Still this land is for the brave
Who can live to fight, learn and abide

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