Friday, September 04, 2009

EPMII !!!!

Well, the past week has been one Chinese typhoon with a load of subjects falling upon my head...even as I write this post I have two pending end terms for the relatively chilled out 4th term here at IIM Shillong. Since the day I joined, we have occasionally felt the tremors of the mother earth as the state of Meghalaya lies in a highly seismic zone. But ever since the new batch has come in, there has been a sudden rise in the number of quakes. I am a big sleepyhead and rarely do I wake up when these quakes come and make most tremble. Still unofficially I know that there have been some 4-5 termors of reasonable strength.

Some of my intelligent juniors who have been relaxing in the hill station since their inception have suddenly realized that along with the heavy cases they encounter now a days, there is another threat to their existance in this remote hilly town. AJ who is one hell of a dramebaaz in the class of 2011 has to my surprise coined a new acronym for the place. Just like people call Ahmedabad as WIMWI or Well Known Institute of Management of Western India, Shillong has been termed as EPMII or Earthquake Prone Management Institute of India !!!

Seriously what a catch, and when I asked why not North eastern India, AJ burts out with panache of not being a regionalist unlike the western India people. Meanwhile ACD suddenly remembered that when we joined we also coined a term which never took off....

Its sad that our idea never caught fire but still EPMII sounds cool.....Well a lot of rambling has already been done..I have a "How to sell soap in a village" exam tommorow followed by some more strategic intent in the operational domain on monday. Will surely put in some more thoughts poems and blah blah as and when I get relieved.

Urs Truly


Unknown said...

EPMII Rocks...In Real Physical sense.! The rocking can be felt at any time of the day or the sleepless nights.!

Lets see whether we are able to return as managers on two legs.
Thats for mother nature to decide.
Till then..! Lets ROCK.! :P

celebrationsoflife said...

nice post!
I like these names(EPMI, ONE) that you are giving to your institute! and yeah, I do keep hearing of these tremors from the above dramebaaz :P

Saikam said...

EPMII rocks. The "Mountain Dew" tagline will be used for the same because Earth quakes are so frequent and we will study in this fear (DARR) and will win (JEET) at the end of the course - DARR KI AAGEY JEET HAI :) :)

Priyanka said...

I wonder if AJ coined this one while he was running out of the hostel crying "bhago bhago" after all d tremors had died down and people were returning to their rooms...

Ethan said...

@ Anurag: ofcourse EPMII roxx \m/

@mj: its gud dat da dramebaaz tells u da stories, but beware most of dem are mole hills that too out of thin air.....btw has hee told u the day he danced in class :P

@sai: donn wrry its not that tuff to survive hair....dere are only few side effects which i should not mention here....and yes Victory always stands beyond the hills of fear you have to cross...

@PP: well i wasnt at the scene, so I really dont know...but for next time I will ask a spy to keep a vigil on his movements during quakes and other stochastic events... :D

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