Friday, September 18, 2009

High Tea !!!

Nongthymmai, Shillong, Reuters: Today a high tea was organized by Zill-e-illahi ACB in honor of the HM Maharaja of Kumaun AJ, HM Maharaja of Kalinga SK and HRH Nawab of Awadh NS at the Mayurbhanj Palace in Shillong. The tea was organized by Zill-e-illahi to honor the presence of the visiting kings in the Rock Capital of India.

The high tea was an informal meet for the royals and they discussed the ongoing local crisis in IIM and other matters concerning the future of the empires. Several other feudal lords were depressed by the fact that the invitation for the high was not extended to them. However Zill-e-illahi clarified that it was a completely informal meet and invitations would be extended to other commoners in the near future. Our correspondent was able to catch a few glimpses of the high tea which was kept a private affair for HMs the kings and HSH the emperor.

Glossary : For those who are unaware of the royal lingo
HRH- His Royal Highness
HM- His Majesty
HSH- His Supreme Highness
Zill-e-illahi- The Shadow of God (Used for addressing the supreme ruler of all lands)


Anurag said...

.HM. AJ. : I would like to state that the Tea Party has no hidden agenda in terms of forming coalitions to disrupt the peace of the region. Rather issues related to "Sustainable Development" were discussed.

Unknown said...

hehehe...both the writer of the blog and the above are full nautankis :P
anyways keep having fun!

Ethan said...

@ mansi: gustaakh ladki, tumhari yeh jurrrattt, is gustakhi ke liye hum tumhe haathi ke pairon tale kuchalwa sakte hai .....woh to tum maharaj-e-Kumaon ke saath padhi ho ..isliye tumhe hum muaaf karte hai !!!!

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