Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mano -a- Mano

There are some wishes for which a man can die
There are some things for which there is always an inner sigh
Her hand in mine would be my dream
That would be the best gift of all which money cant buy
I imagine her walking besides me
Our shadows become one as we see
Mano – a – Mano we walk slowly towards the sunset
With the clouds coming in and the sun about to flee
I hold her soft hands in my rough palms
I have a look at her; her smile is ebullient but calm
She pinches my hand like a little child
I bring her close to my heart, in my arms
The sun has set as we sit on the hill
Her head on my shoulder, as the winds bring a chill
I pray to god this moment remains forever
She is the one whose gap I would never be able to fill
Mano – a – Mano we walk back
As the full moon sets in, crickets come out of cracks
Life can be blissful if your wishes come true
You only live in those moments and there is no looking back

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