Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Power of One....

I always believed in the power of one
for one represents the gods might.
An elephant as mighty as can be
comes down on 'an' ants plight.

A man it took to shake the foundations of royalty
who took India of out of its eternal misery
A vision it took for the nation to rise
to take poor prunes as mighty today they reprise

An atom it took to take down a war
to take down an empire even its czar.
An idea it took to make world so bright
taking the life of all to a new dizzy height.

It took a saintly woman to rise and take care
else the entire city would have been a merciless fair.
It was just one man who dicovered america
when no one backed him up and he boarded santamaria.

It was the self respect of one general and king
who brought down the darius and his mighty kin.
It was one man who made the trojan horse
else the greeks were left with eternal remorse.

Those who underestimate the power of one
may believe that it is eqable to that of none
But O mighty men hear my humble song
the power of one is note yet gone.


Amruth said...

Great one mate!

Keep them flowing... and do pitch in a line or two about what made you switch from your previous theme to this one... such a sudden, serendipitous(?) jump.

Vasant said...

Awesome !... :D

celebrationsoflife said...

Very well put in thoughts! I am yet to read other posts of yours, may be then I can understand Amruth's comment better. But the post definitely shows your serious and very thoughtful side!

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