Saturday, June 23, 2007

The traveller's journal

I was born in a city of power
yet I felt helpless and needy
Men all around were rich and posh
yet they were seldom not greedy

I went to school in the land of vigour
yet I felt the absence of any rigour
I saw men with the biggest hearts around
who lived to be martyrs and yet not shiver.

I went on a introspection in the east
where men and women were most utterly sweet.
Never Did I see men living on two square piece
yet offer da deity the best thet eat.

Then my wanderlust took me to the west
where men are said to be the best traders
where glamour was the avocation of all raiders
and men living on the streets gave me the creepers.

I have lived long to see men of different ways
of different castes creeds and colour
yet I wish to discover more with all passing days
discovering new place where men can be sad yet happy and gay.

This journal is still not complete
as I travel through the seven seas and treacherous lands
I travelled through the damp marshes and dusty sands
black brown dusky dull and fair
I wonder what makes this kingdom so grand.

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Anonymous said...

A good article Thank you!

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