Sunday, November 25, 2007

Delivering Smiles Accross Lives

First Patient was the doctor who brought me alive
He smiled and said "its a boy" with a jive
Then came the lady who carried me around
she was filled with joy and swinged like a merry go round
Since that day I have been the messenger of joy
spreading the smile across all girls and boys

There came a time when my life was full of sorrow
I searched for friends but none were there to borrow
After all bliss is what everyone seeks
no matter how strong or no matter how weak
I was lost in the jungle of agony
Looked like I missed the smiles in the dark mahagony

Then when I was about to leave my life's hope
there came an angel in an pearl white robe
She asked me the cause of pain
I gave excuses which were all but lame
Furious she grew with anger
But I was unaware of the forthcoming danger

She grew calm and said to my soul
Why do you remain so sad and foul
Is it you who was blessed with eternal smile
or is it the pain in you who made it erstwhile
Then I realized what I was missing in my life
What was inside of me and piercing like a knife

I gained momentum in my walk
Joy spurred back in my talk
The faint crescent on my face
became all dominant with blissfull grace
Since then it became my duty to succeed the angel I met
Bringing smiles all over hidning clouds of sorrow and regret

1 comment:

PINKAL said...

luvd it buddy....!!!....quite a matured perception mst say....:)

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