Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Aphrodite & Me

Her walk has an inherent and jovial hop
No matter how well you speak, her endless talks don’t stop
If you look into her eyes, you might find a lake so deep
That once you take a plunge, you can’t just stop

I was on my way to my non heavenly abode
When I met her the other day standing by the road
With a bubbly wave she greeted my soul
I stood there mesmerized gazing into her deep eyes, as if all my pathways further were closed

Her sweet essence of life was nothing less than elixir imparting life into my soul
In the shadows of the pine, her tresses were as dark as an old mahogany roll.
Her face was as bright as the moon on a full moon night
Her divine beauty was as pristine as a cherubic soul

After a few moments in her divine presence, I asked her permission to leave
Though I did not want to but still I made myself heave
It was not an ordinary rendezvous that evening in the monsoon
But one where the deity met his pilgrims post a voyage too extensive

I sat down to pen my vision so divine
To let the world know of my being blessed by Aphrodite herself
To write a testimony of my life in a village alpine
To sleep in hope of another blessing from the divine.


Unknown said...

hey.. i kinda like this one.. especially the last line...

Ethan said...

thx tooo

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