Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Love is as complex as Life

Love is as complex as life
Every moment is a tussle between wrong and right
You never realize when you fall in love
As you never realize when you start your mortal strife

Life is a continuum of struggle for all
No matter human, redwood trees or animal too small
Love is also a struggle in a way itself
It’s a small battle in the bigger ‘life’ war

Every one faces these battles once in a while
To prove everything is fair in love and war
I too jumped in a battle ground too far
Swinging my Excalibur resisting beyond par

The battle is not between friends and foes
Its between inner monsters and heroes
Once a battle is won I will too be a hero
To save a damsel from her woes

Then comes a bigger dilemma to my mind
Is the battle becoming bigger than the war
Have I walked too fast and come too far
Is there any path that can take me back to the place I came from
But “it is your destiny to fight” said a voice inside that tore me apart

Love is after all a battle for which all mortals live and die
I will also have my time to live and my time to die
Till then love takes me to new heights, as if I could fly
Taking the damsel in my arms moving towards the mountains so high

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