Thursday, July 30, 2009

Behind The Iron Curtain - Long Live the Revolution

I often wondered what life was in the Iron Curtain
Today, on a cloudy gray day, I have experienced the same for certain
Men evolved from monkeys, primates and Iron-age man
They learned to hunt, make fire and do what they can

Slowly over time industrial revolution came
Along with steam engine, factories and men with fame
Men worked hard, made machines and then fought
World wars came and misery was all it brought

Communists, Capitalists, Nazis and Socialists were all there
Some were rich and selfish and they didn’t want to share
They made large walls, built empires
Men inside were uncertain about the world outside as if they didn’t care

The Iron curtain as it was called
Empires stood mighty but free men were walled
The world outside went far ahead of time
But inside there were problems so mighty which could not be solved

On a holy day two decades back
There were few men who brought hammers, chisels and sacks
The Iron Curtain fell, men rejoiced and celebrated with all
The biggest curtain fell with a single crack
Today I see a sorry state of my own biome
The place where I lived for an eon, called it home
An iron curtain exists today here too
A place which was once as mighty as the glorified Rome

“Viva La Revolución – Long live the Revolution” I cried
We need to rise up too and fight, we sighed
No Iron Curtain can stop the minds of free men
We roared as majestic lions and fought with pride.

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