Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Struggle Never Ends !!!

Life is a never ending puzzle
To live and not fall is an impossible struggle
We fight and love and live everyday
Yet try to save ourselves from the dirty puddle

Some people live and thrive in this puddle
While others detest it and continue to struggle
Some succeed and reach unconquered heights
But there are few who give up without a good fight

To me life has always been a duel
Not between me and my coevals
But between me and the almighty god
Between me and his ever rising obstacles

Life is all about struggle
I say to myself as at night I cuddle
To rise or fall fighting fate and hardship
Is the ultimate struggle

1 comment:

Munlite redefined said...

wat i can say z "live urs dreamzzz and work n move 2wards it all d tym n discard all those things dat cum in d way of finding it "but always rem dont take other peopl's dreamzzz , dont stand in anyone's way"

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