Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Fallen Hero or a Villain

There was a warrior, a soldier
Swinging his Excalibur fighting battles and winning wars
But one fateful day he was surrounded
One coward knocked his shield and he was grounded

The battle was lost, but the warrior survived
Brazen, broken, he limped to his kingdom as he bled
He reached the bastion but there was no one to greet
Torn apart in his heart and soul, he continued to bleed

There was a rumor that, the warrior turned a traitor
To the warrior there was no insult greater
He was vilified, called names, stones pelted at him
The warrior was broken, from the inside, the moment was grim

Then one angel came to his rescue
She said “Being vilified is not an issue”
He was healed by her magic wand; up he stood with his Excalibur shining
His shield was on his back, he said ”Victory will be ours ” as his troops marched rhyming

Fallen heroes are not always fallen
Neither are they ever forgotten
Indeed the world remembers only those who survive
But no hero will ever wish to die a villain’s life.

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