Sunday, July 12, 2009

God ditched me again !!!

I am pretty angry with you god
I promised myself something and I saw you nod
Then came a pair of pretty eyes with a naughty glance
And I am once again back on the road

Life is a big circle indeed
You fall in love, you pray and you plead
Then you decide it is better to maintain status quo
But to your decision, god pays no heed

It was as usual a rainy Saturday
When I was relaxing, cheese is my favorite to say
When suddenly there was a heavenly descent
I was love-struck and suddenly back in the fray

With certain encounters the next few days
I was going far from what I said
But I had no control on the rare dreams I had
All I could do to avoid it was to pray

But my long time foe played his plan
Alone in the battle field I was the only man
Now I wonder why is this happening.
I have no options but go according to his plan

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