Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Love at First Sight

They said that love at first sight is rare
To all the great lovers, it was far beyond being fair
I was also in disbelief of the legend beyond par
But it was time that I get my share

It was a rainy lazy day when I saw her
The monsoon breeze buzzed down the birch and fir.
I was awestruck at the moment and realized her presence
Eyes locked for the moment as I stood besides her

The moment passed by with no memory to my mind
But for long her scent lingered around
I still not realized that I was spell bound
Every moment I lived thereon I saw her face so kind.

Days and weeks passed by as I figured what went wrong
Suddenly I took up the pen and wrote this song
I wonder if I could relive that lazy Saturday
When the cherubic angel who came in my life made me write this song.


celebrationsoflife said...

simple and very sweet!

Munlite redefined said...

in ankhon ke masti main mastane hazaron haiiiii

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