Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Achtung Junta !!!

The world is no longer asleep
The seas are no longer so deep
Achtung Junta, the moment has come
Let us rise and fight, let us not weep

The sun is shining and the clouds are gone
The minds have awaken with the new dawn
Achtung Junta, the time is ours
Let us be the kings, and not mere pawns

We have suffered a lot
Lets open our minds to new thoughts
Achtung Junta, tomorrow is ours
There are still many battles to be fought

I say these words, not just to those who were left back
I say these words to those who wish to end the slack
Achtung Junta, We rise and claim what is ours
Achtung Junta, now there is no looking back

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