Thursday, August 06, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, You are free

I was standing on the dais, waiting to flee
I was the host being anything else but me
Then I realized, it was time for the announcement
And I said Ladies and Gentlemen, You are free

It was not an announcement of a parole from jail
It was not a warning of the unavoidable rain or hail
I was just mentioning article 21 of the constitution
But some faces still became red from pale

Life can be sometimes a golden cage
Life can look rosy still be full of rage
We are the writers of our story
Yet someone else is always turning the page

How do we lose control of our own lives?
How do miss the living part walking on knives
By the time we realize where we wanted to go and where we went
We are already in the ocean where we weren’t supposed to dive

I just did my humble duty of the day
Was there anything wrong in what I say?
Ladies and Gentlemen, you are free
Lets live our lives and make our day

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