Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Fight Against the Destiny !!!

Destiny, they say controls your rise
Whether you will be mocked or called wise
Destiny, they say is all you have got
Those few lines in your hand making a crevice

I object milord, I would beg to differ
Not all hapless men are meant to suffer
Destiny is what one makes of himself
Its not a precondition to be a winner

Some men are indeed born with a silver spoon
Some are destined to touch the sky and step on the moon
Some take the longer road, the one which is uncharted
Walking along the gorges, mountains and lofty sand dunes

I myself am from the latter
I never had luck in my life on a silver platter
It was an elusive butterfly which I couldn’t catch
It was a fierce enemy whose strength I couldn’t match

Still I held on to my feet and held my head high
I took mighty blows of the world without a sigh
Today I am once again in the nadirs of life
But I will never give up on my dream to fly


Saikam said...

In the movie "The Dark Knight" when Rachel discovers Harvey Dent's coin is two-faced she says "You make your own luck". That says it all... I believe - We can change our own destinies !!!

Ethan said...

rightly said Sai.....life is all about the struggle to make what we dream, a reality...

Amruth said...

nice one!

Anonymous said...

Really good post!

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