Monday, August 17, 2009

Comedy of Errors !!!

I landed up in the Scottish lands of the east
Life became all grand as if Caesar’s feast
Suddenly I realized, I was not hungry anymore
But now I was trapped in the grasp of an unknown beast

The place looked like a pied piper’s march
Where the skies thundered but yet minds were parched
I never thought, life would be a comedy of errors
It was a bastion with no architect but a thousand arches

It was still a comedy and not a tragedy of errors
A land with a burning fire but no torch bearers
So what should we do now, will the pine trees burn down
Will the dew covered leaves and green grass turn brown

No my dear friend, Not while the actors are still on stage
Not while souls are alive and our minds don’t age
The onus is now upon the final Spartans alive
To fight for our glory and for our will to survive

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Saikam said...

I think everyone of us who are "plundering"... I think the correct word would be "making optimal use of" this part's resources should someday give something back to this community in any little way that is possible! This is/must be our Institute Social Responsibility (ISR - an analogy from CSR) !!

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