Monday, August 03, 2009

Life is a Walk !!!

Life is a long lonely walk
Sometimes you meet people and you talk
Sometimes its uphill and sometimes down you go
But in the end life is a long lonely walk

While we walk, we sweat away the worries
While we talk, we rejoice and we make merry
Sometimes people pace by us
Just to win the race of life and eat the top cherry

The way we walk is the way we live
Some are fast paced, some never forgive
Some are laggards, some are least bothered
Some enjoy the walk, some say we are here to live

Some walk without a destination, some are confused
Some walk two steps ahead and complain of biting shoes
All kinds of people walk and live in this world
Some turn all fortunes to dust some turn dust to gold

I wish you all a happy walking session today
Live life here and die another day
Life is walk, as I most humbly say
Keep walking is all I can say

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