Saturday, August 08, 2009

Miss My life !!!

I was a random traveler who walked all lands
I was a royal gambler whose life was so grand
Then I went away to a remote hill one day
And my life just slipped out of my hand

I wish I relive the golden days once more
I wish to peddle my cycle for sure
I wish to take uncalled hikes to places unknown
I wish to sit in the rain and eat an icecream cone

I wish to make amends in my life
I wish to say sorry and end the silent strife
I wish to celebrate those small moments of joy
When tears came out, while we all were so buoy

I wish to turn back time and say I miss New Delhi
I wish to relive those late bus rides, sitting and eating jelly
I miss those friends I lost on the way
I miss those trips to the malls, which made me sway

More than everything else, I miss her
The first lady of my life, my mother
I miss her as I sit today, away from her
Though its her voice which everyday I hear

People say, I am stonehearted and cold
But inside this heart of steel, the emotions are still warm and gold
I may not be able to tell everyone
But some things are often best left untold

- Dedicated to my dear mother, all my old friends and well wishers.


Unknown said...

hey i liked the last stanza.... :)

Ethan said...

thx u sowmya !!!!

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