Sunday, August 09, 2009

I Still Follow You !!!

I am feeling a bit low today, don’t know why…. Its some sort of a cascading effect…too many things going bad even if small can ruin a life or atleast a day for that matter…
I have been agnostic despite being a practicing Brahmin for long ( strange isn’t it ?) . I do not go to temples yet keep fasts…. When people ask what is the matter I say that “Meri bhagwan kee ladayi hai” or I have a fight with god …
Anyways after a long time, I was feeling a bit religious today…
So this is from me to god… If you think this qualifies for a prayer then it must be one.

There was a little boy, sitting down folding his hands
His eyes were closed, he murmured something looking up folding his hands
Then he got up, smiled and said god is with me
In his little innocent mind, god protecting his soul was all he could see

That little boy grew up in the years that followed
Among his few victories were bitter defeats that he swallowed
So one day he had a fight with god
He walked away from his portals that were hallowed

Since then, the two don’t talk
One is already stone and other’s heart too turned to rock
No one knows why this fight happened
None of the two are ready for taking the first step of the walk

But one fine day, the boy turned sad
His efforts were wasted, his time was bad
He did not know what to do, who to call
Then he remembered the old friend he had

He sat down, closed his eyes, looked above and said
I have been decent due to you and have been well fed
I have health to be envy of, and yet my heart is sad
I am an uneducated lad despite so many books that I read

Grant me my due after all this time
I have been honest and sincere, not done any crime
I request most humbly, from you ohh god
Neither do I want empires nor do I want city of gold

You know what will give me my peace of mind
Do help me with this life, to suffer this grind
I am not asking you to give me anything beyond your reach
I wish to seek what righteously is mine and what I seek to find

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