Sunday, August 23, 2009

One Fine Day !!!

One fine day, when the clouds hid the sun away
One fine day, when there were kids away from school at play
One fine day, when I was so beleaguered by myself that I had nothing to say
One fine day, when the birds chirped in the central park by the bay

I was sitting by the bench, sipping coffee
Reading a newspaper, enjoying the breeze, being carefree
Suddenly my eyes strayed to the boy who sat polishing shoes
With his hands working like lightening bolts, he looked at me

Sir would you care for your shoes and like me to serve you today
Looking at his tender age, I did not have words to say
I had no options but to help the poor chap I thought
But what can I do for him, so that he doesn’t feel bought

I pondered over as I sipped my last sip
It was as chilling as a winter morning dip
If I give him the money, he would consider it as alms
But I never wanted him to polish my shoes with his tender young palms

Should I walk away, should I forget the boy?
Should I ask him for something to which I could buy?
I was never so puzzled in a petty situation
I never thought that I would go in such frustration
I was about to leave, when a thought struck to my mind
Why is it that some get silver spoons and some get the life-grind?
I asked the boy to change the pair of laces in my shoe
I let him take them off and get it through

I asked if he would like to study in life
He answered smiling away his terrible strife
Sir, it is our destiny to toil in the dust
I said, I understand but do give it a try unless u must

He said kind sir, thank you for your advice
I seldom meet men who are considerate and nice
I thanked him stuffing my feet into the shoe
Left him an envelope, which I hope would have helped a few


Anonymous said...

Simply Superb! No words !!

Ethan said...

thank you anonymous.....
I was thinking of who it could be...but then I remembered what Shakespeare said.....

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