Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Wind Beneath my Wings !!!

I was standing on the edge of the cliff
With my face towards the valley, but my wings were still stiff
I did not know what to do and when to dive
I wasn’t so sure if at all I will survive

My inner voices were all quite mum
I was not able to judge and my thoughts were numb
Pebbles below my feet were slipping away
It was like god has decided to send me into the fray

Just then a moment flashed beyond my eyes
I saw an eagle spreading its wings in the azure skies
His each turn had an amazing grace
Yet he was fast as if flying in a race

I do not know what happened just then to me
The wind below my wings suddenly became free
I dived into the miles below the cliff
No longer was I shackled, nor were my wings stiff

I took turns, summersaults, rolled along the depths beneath
Then my wings took control and I rose with the valleys and cliffs underneath
I did not believe that I could fly
But then I would have never had I not given it the much needed try

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