Thursday, August 20, 2009

Order in Chaos !!!

Why do butterflies flap their wings?
Why do birds moving out south sing?
Chaos answers a lot about all
But finding order in chaos is the toughest of all

Why do smoke patterns form?
Why are ant colonies so and what are swarms?
Chaos is the name given by wise men to these
But order in chaos is what poses them with a tease

I am no magician, no mathematician, not a physicist at all
Still I observe a subtle order in the leaves flying every fall
An interesting observation I noticed one day
Human beings are the most chaotic if seen that way

We speak a lot that doesn’t makes sense
We feel emotions and talk about feelings that make us tense
We laugh and cry at the same time and call for celebrations
We give into our dark desires and unknown temptations

I wonder if god really plays dice with us
I wonder why a small nudge by a stranger made us miss our bus
Its too tough to talk here and understand the fact
Chaos is alive and bonded to our lives by a secret pact

1 comment:

A said...

Firstly, perfect picture for a great poem
I love the way you have written about chaos thory, butterfly effect and life. Very aptly summed up.

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