Friday, August 21, 2009

A little crazy thing called LOVE !!!

Love is a crazy emotion for those who feel it
Love is a feeling that leaves no heart which deals with it
Be it the love between Romeo and Juliet
Be it the love of freedom and wars fought for it

Be it the love for a son in a father’s heart
Be it the bond of brotherhood which binds two men so far apart
Be it the debt of life a boy holds to his mother
Be it the love for the nation that breaks the shackles of bondage apart

Love is not a taboo, neither is it a source of pain
Love is the pillar of strength; it’s a boon and not a bane
Irony lies in the fact that we don’t know love that well
Calling it names, a path too dangerous to hell

I request all the wise men around
Love will die and lose ground
Lets not fill hatred into the minds of the impressionable
Lets spread love because love should be all around

1 comment:

Munlite redefined said...

humare abhi sahaab hamesha kahte hai "love z an abstract concept"very truly said .....

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