Tuesday, September 22, 2009

India & World

Let us have some fun today !!!!
I was talking to a friend of mine who is in France for an exchange program from IIMB. As we talked we drew an analogy between the french and the bongs from India. I would now try to do a similar stunt. This is for pure fun and I have no intention of hurting any sentiments.

The French - The Bengalis
Reason : Culturally rich but lazy when it comes to work.

The Spanish - The Jats
Reason : Good Fighters, and eat a lot.

The British - The Tamils
Reason: Don't know why they consider themselves the most superior. Prefer to remain among themselves or aloof.

The Italians - The Punjabis
Reason : Food lovers, lavish spenders and too gaudy. :P

The Germans - The malayalis
Reason : Too hardworking and too much educated.

The Portuguese - The Biharis
Reason : No matter how far, we will reach there somehow

The Swiss - The Gujaratis
Reason : When everyone is at war, we mint money and stay rich.

The Greeks - The Kannads
Reason : Too rich culturally in ancient times, now too much bent upon one line of business.

The Sweds - The Paharis
Reason: Too happy already in their own snow bound world, no one else pays attention to them.

The Balkans - The Kashmiris
Reason: Too many systems, too many fights. No one knows who is fighting for what.

The Oriyas - The Pols
Reason: No one knows why they are poor.

The Americans - The Hindi Belt
Reason: We overpower everyone with our sheer size.

The Dutch - The Parsis
Reason: Too rich and too few.

The Orientals - The Telegus
Reason: Hardwork keeps up a hand up than your coworker.

The Arabs - The Marathis
Reason: Go away from our holy land.

The Africans - The North Eastern Residents
Reason : Too far and too ignored.

The Luxembourgers - The Delhites
Reason: Too small, too mixedup and every one has some connections.

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Rajat Joshi said...

Justified ;)

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