Monday, September 21, 2009

The Lonely Ranger

The life is a long journey with no destination and no point of departure
Its like an infinite arc of unknown aperture
We all start afresh alone in this world
And we all leave alone as we lie on the sepulcher

Meanwhile as we grow, we meet people on the way
Some greet us while some move without anything to say
Some of them become nobodies as we move along
Some people have important roles to play

I too met such a person while walking alone
With vivid memories of the monsoon bygone
I tried to say what I felt in my heart
But I never able to overcome the force that tore me apart

I knew that my journey is a lonely ride
So why break the rules and go against the tide
Happy endings occur only in the books that lie around
True love is always seen, felt and lost but never found


Child Of Adam said...

This is beautiful... the last line of the last verse sums it all up.. good work

ps: swati sent me here

Ethan said...

thx u Child Of Adam.... i am thankfulto you for taking some time out to read my blog...hope to see you here more often.....

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