Saturday, September 12, 2009

Songs of A Revolution !!!

Today “Espirit De Corps” is an overwhelming emotion inside my mind, so I am penning down the feelings of a soldier who is about to reach the war front. I hope you guys like it.

As I move down the barren mountains and snow laden fields
I wonder what would heaven be like and would I be punished for my dirty deeds
Its not that I feel guilty to have killed scores of fellow men
It was my duty to save my land from being shackled in a dungeon

I do not know if I will come back to the valley dotted with saffron
I do not know whether I will drink again the stew my mother makes in the cauldron
What I know is that I will take on the entire world with my gun to save my motherland
And I will fight till I am the last man in the platoon to stand

In the moment of the would be glory we bask today and rejoice
We cheer as one and sing songs of revolution in one voice
We have chosen the hardest path to walk the steps of life
Still we smile as we fall down with the enemy bullet, winning the final strife

Today, we have decided that no matter how hard victory maybe
We will not succumb or die down; we will make the dreadful enemy flee
These are dreams which I believe will stay even long after I am gone
I may not be there tomorrow, but there will be a revolution and there will be this song

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