Saturday, September 12, 2009

I Wish !!!

When I was six, I was always in a fix

I wanted to be a guitarist like Jimmy Hendrix

When I became seven, I recognized my argumentative fire

So I though why not one day should I become a lawyer

Then I moved on as I crossed the eighth pedestal

I decided that I am too tired of boring jobs so I will write a gospel

But soon at nine I was too French to take up a book

So I realized that it was my destiny to become a famous cook

But the gravy dried as soon as I went into double digits

I raced down the road as my watch counted the minutes

But too fast and too soon, I lost my zest to run

At eleven, I thought I would be the perfect soldier with a gun

Then came year twelve, books took over once again

I should be a doctor, I thought, saving men from their pain

Year thirteen was the most surprising year of my short life

I thought enough is enough lets be a sage fighting it out as a strife

As teenage deepened with year fourteen

All I could dream of was lights camera action and the wide screen

With fifteen years on my back

I decided to live an adventure roaming around with a backpack

Now the years moved fast,

Dreams became rare and looked ephemeral to last

As I became eligible to drive a car

All I could think of was a clear road to a land too far

By the time I entered college, I was destined to be an engineer

Though my fickle minded heart still believed that one day I would be a musketeer

As I graduated in the spring of two thousand eight

My heart was heavy with an unknown weight

Today I am confused, about what I will become one day

A manager, its all so obvious most say

But somewhere inside the little boy whispers to me

You can do whatever you like and do whatever as long as your mind is free

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