Friday, September 11, 2009

Still Water Runs Deep !!!

This post is dedicated to a loyal consumer oops I mean a loyal reader and critic of my ramblings. She is herself a great blogger and writes very good "SAD" stuff. This is a small gift from the author to the reader on her bday ( which was a couple of days back).

You will seldom hear from her if you sit across the lunch table
But her expressions are unmatched like an unheard fable
Her feelings are rarely seen by people who are closeby
She smiles enough even though her heart is about to cry

I am simple judge of people by their acts
But to my mystery her chicanry is beyond all judged facts
Despite her simplicity beyond par
She does leaves an impression which walks far

Often her expressions flow in the prose she pens down
Never have I seen a person who is feeling abysmal yet doesn't frown
Her cheerful smiles bring happiness all about
But I wonder why doesn't she lets her agony out

As a wishful thinker I have one advice for you for life
Never let pain surround you in strife
As a well wisher I pray to god to bless you always
May you cheer the joy of success and have no obstacles in your ways

God Bless RG !!!
Urs Truly

1 comment:

wildflower said...

'Never have I seen a person who is feeling abysmal yet doesn't frown'
Strange..the way Ritz manages this.. from her smiles you don't get a hint of the deep and sensitive person that lies underneath.. honestly written :)

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