Friday, September 11, 2009

The Painted Horse !!!

Life is a quest for perfection for most of the men

The race ad infinitum with no sign of the end

Perfection is often the misnomer for success

But only the determined win under duress

The painted horse is always looked down upon

They are never meant to be as they don’t have the brawn

I ask the world today, one doubt I have

Does fortune favor the well bred or the brave?

The race to success is not about the pedigree one belongs to

Its about the will to survive no matter what distance we have to do

According to legend, the dark horses are always the one who win

No matter how hard the pedigree in competition is to pin

I add more spice to the curry of sweet victory

It’s the will of the mind which defines absolute pedigree

Not the history of your success or the aquiline nature of your ancestry

So lets break the shackles and run free to claim our victory

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