Friday, October 30, 2009

Drowning in the Shallowness

The shallowness of my heart is encompassing my soul
Love is a strange feeling making mountains out of moles
As the last rays of hope go below the waters of testing times
My words are falling apart and nothing seem to rhyme

Failure or victor, time will decide and carve it on stone
Whether I die as a tramp or sit on a mighty throne
But deep inside my heart and soul, the shallowness creeps in now and then
I get remote visions of life, death and beyond as if I am a zen

I cannot win this battle against the shallowness of my heart
The unbearable agony that is tearing my soul apart
No one knows what and where this shallowness resides
No one knows when the mind will be free and when it will subside

As I walk down the road of life, I wonder if what I did was right
Was I courteous enough, was I brave enough, was I right
My inner self is in turmoil and everything seems to be misplaced
Is this shallowness permanent or is is it just a phase

There are so many questions that I wish to ask
But all I see is thunder clouds and no glorious sun to bask
I wait for my time as I look at the infinite sky
And the shallowness encompasses my soul as I prepare to die

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