Sunday, October 04, 2009

It happens only at IIM Shillong

Statutary Warning: This post is having resemblance to all living and dead and those who are in between present in Shillong. The author has no responsibility of any sort for the mental, physical or emotional trauma that the reader may have undergone before or after reading this post. It is suggested that you should close this page immediately in case you are a resident of the state of Alabama or California or Uttar Pradesh.

It has been over 15 months since I landed in the so called Scotland of the East which is nothing more than a remote hill station (often mistaken as a town in Sri Lanka or Nepal) with no snowfall, excessive rains, bad cooking habits and some very shy locals. There have several new innovative models that have been put up at Ei Ei Emm Silllaaang.
Today on a lighter note I would like to put forward some stuff which happens only at IIM Shillong. Lets start with my favorite category : Food

Delicacies you wont find anywhere else in this ever expanding universe.

Dal Makhaani: Parboiled Black lentils with Fox Nuts instead of Butter ( Yes, on questioning the cook I was told that you dont know fine cuisine of Punjab, despite my bachelors degree from the Punjabi heartland and my love for the above mentioned Punjabi delicacy)

Paw Bhaji: Round buns stuffed with half boiled french beans ( Again when asked, we were told that it is a marathi speciality that is cooked in the traditional way which we werent aware of anyways.)

Jam Sandwich: Sandwiches made with jam as the spread and vegetables as the in between dressing. ( Though it is non existant circa 2009, class of 2010 has vivid memories of the gala breakfast)

Moving on from some of the elaborate delicacies to some lingo that happens at IIMS class discussions. These phrases are now an integral part of emails, presentations and sometimes even reports originating from IIM Shillong.

From Class of 2010

Blanket Statement: Kambal Vaktavya - Any statement which covers all data and facts presented in the last 15 minutes as well as which has embedded inside it the solution of the case being discussed in a very subtle manner.

Devil's Advocate: Shaitaan Ka Vakil - The most coveted profession of most of us. Highly envied by those who have never claimed to the position. This shows that societal position is often more important than the money involved.

Respaact: Izzat - If you did something like a rockstar you get the sign from fellow followers.

Jabarjang: Incrrrredible - If some thing is awesome beyond all thinking, it must be jabarjang.

Kuchh Bhi: Anything - The most heard response to something a fellow participant has contributed during a case discussion.

Offline: Not in class - Response to most presentations when they extend beyond the scheduled time.

DP: Desperate Participation - When in class, one believes speaking your mind is the best policy, then the fellow class thinks that it is fit for being tagged as DP.

From Class of 2011
(From what I Know)
Bring it On: Aan De - Though I am not an authority on this, but I believe this is the way to challenge an authority.

Take it and Go : isse lo aur jao - Response to any involuntary transaction from one party to the other (of any sorts) that takes place within the Mayurbhanj Complex. Though now gaining popularity beyond Nongthymmai and is considered to be the most popular viral phrase in Shillong.

CFDP: Carry Forward Deperate Participation - When one member of the desperados helps in carrying forward the mission of spreading DP for the other non civilized bretheren.

SDP: Sustainable Desperate Participation : Desperate Participation which follows the Kyoto Protocol, The Geneva Convention and all other norms prescribed by the United Nations including CTBT, NPT, The Kimberley Process, and are approved of the SEC and the SEBI.


Saikam said...

Too Good!!! Jabarjang! Gajab Post! (an equivalent of Jabar).
I hope this comment doesn't go as DP :)

Unknown said...

Bring It On!!!!!!
..just.. Take it and Go!!!!
..A Blanket Blog Post!

Anonymous said...

too bad about the food but its not the normal diet over there and i doubt there ll be many cooks who ll make north indian food the way you used to have it - especially in a hostel setting - lots of restaurants though - so explore!

y dont you have the local cuisine instead - its unique, healthy and tasty -

unless you're a veggie (i.e. who eats only chicken max :p) - then hard luck.

I'm from Shillong working in the plains and I miss home food cos everything here is different so I understand .....

Shillong is not so remote - you have no idea what remote is (advice: Gelling, Arunachal - thats remote)

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