Monday, October 05, 2009

The Prisoner of The Mist!!!

As maple leaves fall down the street and the monsoon bids goodbye

As the mornings become late as the dark clouds fly by

It is time for the mist to come down the slope once again

A mist of hope, of laughter and a mist that makes some cry

As I sit down by the window and look at the hills far away

My soul is lost in thoughts and my mind is swayed

I wish I lose myself in this mist of the fall

I wish I lose myself among the oak trees, ohh so majestic and tall

The mist takes me away to another universe

Where no one is dying or bonded and where life is not a curse

The life I want everyone to live and cherish for long

The life which is not a eulogy but a joyous song

I wonder if the mist will take me away to that place

The land of happiness and solace

I sit by my window and gaze at the mist of the fall

The winds blow by and announce the arrival of the fall.

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