Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Last Surviving Warrior

I was all alone and it was pitch dark
Today was over, but I was yet to make my mark
In the wars of the world, I was the last survivor
It was now up to me to save my pride and prove my valor

Like a falcon high in the sky
I was waiting for my time to fly
As I walked the gore and mud of the battle field
I saw many of my fellow men crying in pain and die

It was my Excalibur on my back shining in the moonlight
Though I killed many, I have still not shown my real might
I was unable to realize the keenness in my soul
To win the war and to end this fight

Now I stood alone and all the men besides me were lying around
It was me against the army of the worlds tomorrow in these grounds
I was tired and drained, yet I stood tall
No matter how hard they try I promised myself that I will not fall

I remembered the oracle’s prediction; you will die a terrible death
I refuted the claims and said they would be never met
But inside of my heart I knew I was to die
And I stood alone with no one else to cry

In the nights of the full moon wolves howled their hearts out
Vultures crept on corpses, tearing apart flesh into their mouth
A strange chill went up my spine
As the underworld’s cried and said its my time

Trust no one my boy and you will succeed
The songs of sirens and demons’ friendships will entice you but pay no heed
Never leave your back unshielded my master once told
Never sell your soul no matter how many world’s of Gold

Remembering what my heart spelt out that night
I prepared my soul for the fight
A dying demon cried “you can never win this war”
I said victory may be distant but will never be far

I may never win the war of destiny and die in pain
But my efforts and blows will never go in vain
I fight alone and will not die without a good fight
They may over power me with their mystical might

But as long as the last drops of blood flow in my veins
I will shear the darkness of the world and bring in divine light
I will continue to stand as long as I can
And never give up without a good fight

1 comment:

Aseem Gaurav Kujur said...

liked the 4th para from the last..good

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