Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bazziingaa Moment !!!

Today there was a small moment which is added to the funniest moments of my life...
I had an business ethics mid term today and as usual I was trying to figure out why the hell did god make such papers mandatory at Business Schools.....Anyways AG was sitting besides thinking deep like some HR consultant about wierd abstract theories to put in his answer sheets. I was just scribbling along random business terms like any fraud consultant sucking up client's money. Suddenly I had an idea regarding a paragraph given in the case but the keyword was not striking me....It should have been a beam balance.....I resorted to a small UFM practice (ssshhhh) and asked AG in my Delhi accent "Oye!! tarazu ko English main kya bolte hai ???" twice but I guess he was too lost in his thoughts.....

Finally I decided to go with the word "Fulcrum" as "Balance" did'nt strike me then....
Anyways I got out of the exam later when SKB, AG and a few others were accompanying me to the mess in the hostel. I asked AG "Why didnt you reply when I asked you??". "What did you ask ?", he said. "What do you call tarazu in English?"
"T. Raju", replied SKB behind my back.

Bazziingaa !!!!


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ha ha ha bazzzzzzzzzzzinga!

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