Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One Last Pledge !!!

Life is weirder than anyone can imagine......and I am just getting the screening of the worst reality show ever.....my sword had started gathering dust......my quiver is nearly empty.......my moves were predictable.....Now its time to gather everything and fight back at life.... I will not lose this battle..... I may die fighting but I will not lose this war....

In this world, everything has a price
When you are weak, then life plays dice
The price you pay sometimes goes overboard
I realized it today and finally picked up my sword

If they think I will die down quietly or surrender in pain
They have forgotten that I am not the one they can chain
Shackles of life cannot tie me down
I will fight back and take my crown

My life may have won a few battles, but the war is not over
I may be down today but I am far from being over
Unless you fall, you do not realize your true purpose
I will rise back and strike with maximum thrust

I have taken a solemn pledge on this dark night
I will not kneel down in the battle or in this fight
No matter what price may I have to pay from now on
I will fight till I win and I will fight till the new dawn


Munlite redefined said...

as always u rockkkkkk....the words are so true ....fantabulous yaarrrr!!!!

Ethan said...

thank you chandrima

wildflower said...

every bad phase in life is worth the bright one that follows..one must fight back..

th emotions are beautifully brought out in the poem..

Ethan said...

thank you durgesh

Anonymous said...

u seem to b creative:)good going...keep on going....great yaar

Ethan said...

thank you sanchii.. welcome to my blog ...

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