Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Beginning of The End

Dedicated to The Class of 2010.

Day before yesterday was special, for some it was very special. Yes I know Valentines day is still a week away and I agree that this day I am talking about is special for a very few people on the Earth. It was the last core course class for Class of 2010 at IIM Shillong. Its been nearly 20 months for all of us here at Shillong who came here to be a part of history (The glory of being the first batch of an IIM). Anyways I still remember the first class at IIM, that of statistics last July. I am still pretty messed up with statistics, I have always been and will always be like that. Anyways this class was of Business Ethics, and our prof. wanted us to do a small skit. That day, many of our performances simply reflected the way we lived in this small remote hill station in corner of the country.

It was an evening session with several groups getting all ready for the skit and suddenly someone pointed out that this would be our last class together as a class. Within the next few minutes the last 20 months at IIM were moving like a movie in front of our eyes. Within the next few weeks (2-4) classes will get over and exams would be done with. Many of us would leave by the end of the next fortnight. To their cities and towns first, then their jobs. probably most of us would not be meeting each other for a long long time. It is about time that we go back to the grind of life and learn to live with it.

I am usually the kind of people who don't get nostalgic, but still a strange feeling did engulf me and many more that day. I guess the end has started, the curtains have begun to fall. The act is about to get over with another act about to start very soon the coming summer. One batch moving in and one batch going out. I just hope that as we go back on that curvy GS road back to our place, there is a smile on our face and every passing breeze brings back those fond twenty months we spent in the "Scotland of The East".

5 Things I will miss when I go back.
1. Sitting besides the parking and thinking about everything around.
2. The perpetual chilly weather, which I love ( highly non-conducive for studies)
3. Some of my classmates here, with whom I had some great moments.
4. French Fries in lunch.
5. The bakar sessions that we had in C Wing top floor.


Nalini Hebbar said...

Those were the days...great ride down the memory lane for me life is the best part of ones can never be duplicated...have a great future

Anonymous said...

I really like when people are expressing their opinion and thought. So I like the way you are writing

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