Friday, February 19, 2010

A late Valentine's ....

In the midst of a journey of a lifetime, I completely forgot the fact that it was Valentine's Day last sunday. ....Woooowww hold your horses...There is nobody to write for...atleast for now...but still if I don't write on such a romantic day....I would not be a true romantic (poets and writers are supposed to be romantic)....
Anyways have been listening to quite a few old songs these days and the mood has been mushy (sounds lame isn't it)

This poem is dedicated to Aphrodite (Greek Goddess of Love)

When I lie down in the night, your thoughts linger around
True love is like an edelweiss, once in thousand springs is it found
Life is incomplete without you, still I try to fill in the void
Life without you is a sinking ship, it is hope that keeps it buoyed

Another spring has come across my lonely heart this year
The birds are chirping and the end of the winter is near
Romance flows with the breeze, no matter how blind and deaf you are
But I sit alone in the shadows of the fir, waiting for you my dear

Life is sometimes all about love and celebrations
Life is an event that lasts a lifetime while love is added jubilation
My life is still waiting to be blessed by destiny
I am still waiting for the moment of truth that is the irony

Fortune favors the brave, yet I am not a coward
I wait for the blessed spring, when blessings from heaven would be showered
When love will bloom all around my life
When the cherry blossom trees on the distant hill will be flowered

Love can be so weird sometimes
On a silent dull night you hear ringing wind chimes
You smile for no reason at all
You feel the spring breeze on your face when it is still fall

Dedicated to all the love birds around and to Aphrodite ofcourse
Yours Truly


Ritika Gupta said...

a nice one :)

Ethan said...

thxx ritz :)

Munlite redefined said...

ddlj ka line chori kar rahi hun...sorry .."COME FALL IN LOVE AGAIN" of luck ..

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