Thursday, February 25, 2010

Life is a Song !!!

Living my last few days at IIM, chatting with friends, reading a book with no deadlines, enjoying the February breeze, listening to vintage jazz....and off course taking an 8 hour nap.....This is what bliss is all about....

Anyways some random thoughts are wandering in my here they are

You are the singer and life is a song
It can be a solo or a duet
It can be either short or long
No orchestra needed and no high pitched clarinet

You start with a few notes and build upon time
You can sing as bad or good you want 'coz no one should care a dime
You can have a few backup singers
To help you out when you voice lingers

You need'nt have people for singing to
You may have an occasional audience, you will always have a few
You can sing an opera or whine your blues
You are the centerstage singer wearing classy suede shoes

You can sing a duet with the one you desire
You can sing in the moonlight, you can sing by the winter bonfire
You are the singer and life is a song
Sing as loud you want, sing as much as you long

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