Sunday, February 28, 2010


On Saturday 27th of February, I had one of the most wonderful days of my life. It was a farewell given to us (Class of 2010) by our dear juniors (Class of 2011). On a parting note AJ from the junior batch said something which touched my heart and I wanted to reply to

AJ said:

“kahan aansuon ki yeh saugaat hogi

naye log honge nayi baat hogi

main har haal mein muskurata rahoonga

tumhari mohabbat agar saath hogi

charagon ko aankhon mein mehfuj rakh lo

badi door tak raat hi raat hogi

musafir hain hum bhi musafir ho tum bhi.

na jaane kis mod par fir mulakat hogi”

All I wanted to say is :

“Aansu to sookh jaayenge aaj nahi to kal

Muskurate hue yaad karoge tum jab yeh pal

Naye logon main jab tum dhoondhoge kahin

Hum to hamesha khade milenge tumko wahin

Yeh dostana itna aasan nahi hoga bhulana

Badalta hai to sirf musafiron ka thikana

Aaj nahin to kal hum fir zaroor milenge

Abhi ke liye alvida dost, hum bas hi itna kahenge”

Thank you to all my juniors for the wonderful one year we shared, few have impacted me strongly in these times and I will surely miss them in my days to come. But life is really very short to forget people and I am sure we will cross paths again, once you reach the corporate world.

Best Wishes


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