Saturday, March 27, 2010

To Die Rather than Give In

The child inside of me may sound immature,
Immature with dreams unrealizable in my mind
They may sound weird today to the world
But the day will come, when they will salute my find

The failures I faced may make you laugh at me
As the world typecasts something I am not yet to be
Success comes to those who don’t stop trying
And the day will come, when I will what I always wanted to be

The bravery I carry may look more of foolishness to you
I took the blows in the heat survived by few
I may sound foolish to walk down the aisle of fire
But the day will come, when I will tame this fire with my burning desires

Its these things that define and complete me
They are more than what I ever want to be
And I would rather prefer to perish
Than give in to being what the world wants me to be


wildflower said...

jus keep the child in you, intact !

Ethan said...

@dnm : its nt easy when ppl arnd are forcin u to GROW UP....i m still holding fort :)

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