Sunday, March 28, 2010

I want to go back to the mountains

I want to go back to the mountains
Where the air is crisp and the nights are clear
Where the breeze is crisp and cold
And pine trees stand with secrets untold

I surely miss those days of carefree long walks
I miss the chirpy hostel nights and dinner talks
As I sit in a metropolis thousands of miles away
I miss those pine cones along the misty way

I may not come back today to the misty mountains
I may not come back today to the incessant rains
I may not walk down those twisted pathways
But the misty town will stay forever with me no matter what anyone says

I will come back one day for sure
Tomorrow might not be my day anymore
Till then I stand looking at the future through the windows of the past
I Hope that the memories we shared are strong enough to last


Kamal Thakur said...


Scimitar said...

Absolutely amazing bro....

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