Friday, April 02, 2010

The Dream

As IIM Shillongs Class of 2010 graduates today, I want to dedicate this to those who stood against all odds to see this day.

We saw a dream, a dream of flying away to the rainbow
It was a long, cold and dark night, we did not know where to go
The sunrise was awaited with great hopes, but the clouds stood in the way
Few lost hope of the sun, it’s a lost battled they used to say

But the brave ones, stood firm and faced the dark sky
With each passing hour of the night, some hopes lived while some died
It was more than a battle against the all odds
We fought against all hell, against the entire army of gods

The hours of darkness continued in full might
But we never lost hope of seeing the first light
Today as we witness the sun rise above those distant heights
The distant dream becomes a reality with the sun shining bright

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