Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Enemy Inside You

Life is a phase of ups and downs, it has always been like that to almost 99% of us. Today I am not going to talk about the 1% who are immune to it but to those of us who have admitted themselves to schools of mediocrity and self pity. I am not any self help book writer but many say that I can be one anyday. I say you can be anyone you want to be, the key to it is self realization. Life as most of us see comprises of the haves and the have-nots. There are few elite who hold the wealth of the world while the masses suffer hunger, unemployment and death.
What is that one thing that makes almost everyone in this world a mere pawn to destiny? What is that belief that pulls you down, that makes sure that you do not rise in life beyond what circumstances permit you to be. If impossible was the word to be taken at face value, it would have not been possible for a race that evolved mere 10000 years ago to go beyond the reaches of space to the moon. Had the men in ancient Rome not taken the charge of the affairs no one would have ever imagined what modern European architecture would have been without the influence it drew from the ancient Latin architecture.

Look at this line image that shows a majority of population below the median level of life while a few elite enjoying the most of this world. You can never be what you want to be if you never think that you can be that person today. Most of us always think that perhaps what we have right now is the best we can get for our abilities. Among the masses there are certain classes of men and women whom I have encountered in 25 years of my life history. Many wise men will say that they have been shaving for twice my age but anyways I have already decided that I would try to reinstate a fact that most of us always tend to ignore.
When I was 10 I had a few dreams, I wanted to be a Judge. When I became 13, I decided that I will do good even if I become a lawyer. What was it that changed my thinking that I accepted a lower hierarchy despite growing up 3 years older. The truth is I was exposed to the world, the big bad world. The wise men call it the reality. I call it…..lets wait for it…..BULLSHIT. When we are young all of us aspire to be in the top 1% but as we grow older and older we see so many of the rest of 99% weaklings that we accept the fact that we are mere mortal pawns in hands of destiny and lets make the best of it by taking what god has given us. Ever wondered why even the worst actors who look uglier than the ugly duckling make it to the most glamorous of the movies. Ever wondered why men who do not command a physique of a sportsman still create records which most men cant even dream to break in the coming decades. It is because these men and women did not bend to circumstances, they did not fall prey to those 99% of BULLSHITTERS who said you cant do that. That’s impossible. That place is for the rich and famous or how can you even dream of doing that.
The Europeans were the pioneers, to abdicate this mentality as a whole and that has given them a way big advantage in todays world. That’s why they say it’s a white man’s world. Today as I see a black man shaking hands with me bending his back almost halfway through despite knowing that I am not even younger than his youngest son just because I am whiter than what he may have ever seen. The Europeans left it and went all around the globe to show the yellow, the browns, the olives and the black skinned people how a mere transformation of a skin pigment makes them the most superior race in this world. And the most of non whites agreed to it accepting their supremacy.
It is a game that elite play among elites and masses play among the masses creating a social hierarchy which makes you believe that you are inferior. When you don’t believe in that thought, many others will try to make you believe that and my guess is that most of the times you will fall prey to it. You will cry, make a big fuss about it and maybe even try to harm yourself for something which will in the end not matter to you anymore one day. It is a game which most of us lose to our very own minds. You get defeated not by others, not by the world but by the enemy who has been hiding inside you for a very long long time and whom you cannot outplay unless you learn to wield the Excalibure of your own power o thoughts. I am still very young, at an age when most of us are confused about what to do in life. We think about how to deal with situations which will haunt us for decades to come. Many of us will try to leave behind great powerful thoughts that would have made you the ever greatest man or woman to have lived on this earth. They fall prey to mediocrity, they fall prey to a negative thought spiral which crumbles you like an anaconda as you give way to it.
This thought may seem radical to you now as you read it the first time. As I will continue to kill this ever enlarging snake with my power of thoughts I will come back with my journal about how to overcome what each one of us faces and go rise to a level where a few elites have risen.


Anonymous said...

It agree, this brilliant idea is necessary just by the way

Anonymous said...

abhishek u write so well........ it seems as if the words r comin frm a counslrs heart....

... n dat color bar wala point is really gud!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for an idea, you sparked at thought from a angle I hadn’t given thoguht to yet. Now lets see if I can do something with it.

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